Diffuseur d'air fines bulles AQUATUBE 70
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Aerate the waste water with the AQUATUBE 70


The cylindrical AQUATUBE 70 fine bubble air diffuser is covered with an EPDM membrane with evenly distributed micro-slots. It is mostly used for aerating and oxygenating activated sludge tanks at municipal or industrial treatment plants. It works best in channel installations.

Technical features :

Unit air flow range : 1 to 12 Nm³/h/diffuser.Usual air flow : 7.5 to 9 Nm³/h/diffuser. Diameter of the EPDM membrane: 70 mm.

The AQUATUBE 70 fine bubble air diffuser is entirely developed and made in France.


Available as an option :

The aeration system of which it is a part may be fixed or liftable. In the liftable configuration, it is connected to the concrete ballast beam in the centre of which is its air supply ;It  may be positioned on a stainless steel square section feeder ;The membrane is also available in silicone.

Plan :

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In situ

In Action