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AQUAFEN, floating high speed surface aerator with direct drive


Specially designed to float, the AQUAFEN aerator / turbine is suitable for all environments with sewage treatment and is easy to install and maintain.


EUROPELEC difference :

Floating aerators within AQUAFEN range are designed and manufactured in France.

At each  development stage, choice of adopted solutions have been driven by the following propreties:

High oxygenation efficiency ;

Quality of the materials used ;

Corrosion resistance ;

Easiness of installation and implementation ;

Easiness of maintenance thanks to the absence of submerged bearings or couplings ;


The AQUAFEN high speed surface aerator combines oxygenation efficiency, ergonomics and life duration among the highest in the market.


Technical features :

The AQUAFEN has the following components :

The motor with its protective housing and improved seal ;

The stainless steel impeller ;

The intake cone ;

The rotoflector designed to limit water diffusion head loss ;

The floater anchored at three or four points. It ensures the perfect stability of the aerator in all operating conditions without the need for an additional device.

The floating high speed aerator/turbine is completely designed and manufactured in France.  

Optional :

Lateral aspiration for shallow tanks ;

A longer cone for deep tanks ;

A cover to avoid aerosol projections ;

There are two versions of the aerator: 4 or 8 pole motor (1 000 or 1 500 rpm) ;

Floater available in polyester or in stainless steel ;

Anchoring accessories.


This product is also available for rent.


Plan :

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The floating high speed turbine AQUAFEN

In Situ

System plan

In Action