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LTF, the low speed surface aerator

Specially designed for wastewater treatment, the hydrodynamic shape of the polyester rotor (in reinforced polyester) encourages an optimal mixing and oxygenation of the water.


Europelec design advantages :

Surface aerators / turbines within LTF range are fully designed and manufactured in France.

At each development stage, choices of adopted solutions have been driven by the following priorities:

Maximum oxygenation efficiency;

Broad range of power available;

Quality of the materials used;

Corrosion resistant;

Easiness of installation and implementation;      

Tailor made design to answer the exact customer needs.



The LTF low speed surface aerator offers best-in-class oxygenation efficiency and life duration in the market.

Technical features :

Our surface aerator can be fixed on concrete bridge or metallic bridge thanks to the base plate. Very robust, the low speed aerator / turbine has been designed for fixed or floating position.

The main components of the LTF include :

The gear motor ;

A coupling shaft, adjustable in length ;

The rotor, made of reinforced fibreglass polyester, filled with expanded polyurethane foam. Its density, less than 1, assists with full tank assembly and reduces axial load on the gear motor.


It is composed of the components above joined together by a rigid shaft.


Optional :

A spray cover to prevent aerosol projections and noise pollution;

A gear motor cover;

An adaptor frame for the existing civil engineering structure in the case of renovation;

An intake chimney for deep tanks;

The anchor accessories for the floating version.


In its floating version, this product is also available for rent.


Plan :

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Plan of the turbine with slow speed TLF

In situ

In Action